The Undertaker Has Arrived in Saudi Arabia

The Dead Man has arrived in the Middle East for his next match.

Photos began circulating on social media Wednesday showing The Undertaker arriving in Saudi Arabia in advance of his casket match this Friday with Rusev. The first photo shows him at his hotel in Jeddah, the second post is a video that reportedly shows him trying some Arabian food at the hotel, and lastly is another photo showing The Undertaker with fans at the Jeddah hotel.

You can see the posts below.

Friday will mark just the second match for The Undertaker in the last year. He faced John Cena in a very short match at WrestleMania 34, a bout that wasn't officially announced ahead of time but was basically confirmed none the less.

That WrestleMania match with Cena was the first time The Undertaker had wrestled since losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, a match that was reported to be his retirement match at the time. Since that time, the Dead Man appears to have gotten himself in tremendous shape and looks to be working multiple matches throughout 2018.


The last time The Undertaker worked more than one singles match in a year was 2015, working seven matches that year. Since 2010, a year that saw The Undertaker wrestle 21 times, his appearances have been very sporadic. Looking at the number of matches he has had per year since 2010, we come up with the following list:

  • 2017: 2 (one was the Royal Rumble)
  • 2016: 1
  • 2015: 7
  • 2014: 1
  • 2013: 4
  • 2012: 1
  • 2011: 1

If reports of a more active 2018 are true, this will be the most we have seen of The Undertaker in three years. Given the fact that one year ago we thought he was retired, it is a welcome development to see one of the all time greats in action once again.