Tyson Kidd Recalls Career Ending Injury on Third Anniversary

Tyson Kidd's devastating neck injury three years ago still ranks among the biggest shocks in recent WWE history.

Kidd had recently formed a tag team with Cesaro. That team was catching fire, wildly popular with the crowd, when the injury happened during an untelevised match. Kidd was wrestling Samoa Joe, whom had recently signed with WWE, in a singles bout when he took a brutal Muscle Buster off the top rope.

The move led to Kidd being temporarily paralyzed due to the damage to his neck and spine. Dave Meltzer compared it at the time to the injury actor Christopher Reeve suffered while horseback riding, noting that the majority of people who suffer a similar injury end up as a quadriplegic.

Kidd addressed the injury on Twitter a month after it happened, noting that only five percent of individuals who suffer the injury even survive. Those who do survive the life threatening injury nearly always come out paralyzed. For that, Kidd is eternally grateful.

On Friday, the third anniversary of the injury occurring, Kidd was again on Twitter. This time to declare how happy he is in his current role as a producer for WWE.


Kidd officially became a producer for WWE last summer, two years after the injury, when it became clear he would not be able to perform as a wrestler ever again. He has taken the role in stride, using his vast knowledge of the world of wrestling and helping out talent backstage when they put together their matches. Kidd has one of the brightest minds in the wrestling business and this is a way he can still use it to better the product.

Though we won't have the pleasure of seeing Tyson Kidd wrestle in a WWE ring again, rest assured, his visions of what wrestling should be are being presented to you each and every week through the creative process.