Undertaker to reveal Wrestlemania 33 plans on Smackdown LIVE?

TONIGHT The #Undertaker returns on the monumental #SDLive900 at 8/7c on @USA_Network! [...]

On tonight's historic 900th episode of Smackdown LIVE, the Undertaker will make his first televised appearance since Wrestlemania 32. Many believe The Deadman is expected to make a monumental announcement regarding his intentions for what could very well be his final Wrestlemania.

Yesterday, we reported that the WWE might already have Undertaker's Mania opponent "set in stone" and that it could be none other than is Wrestlemania 21 opponent, Randy Orton. This would mark The Undertaker's 4th Wrestlemania rematch, as he already double dipped with Kane, HBK and Triple H. Hopefully, the Randy Orton news was simply a red herring meant to throw the dirt sheets off the scent of Taker's real opponent.

Sting has also been rumored to be petitioning for one final dream match against Taker at Wrestlemania, and as much as we've all wanted to see it, it's not happening. That boat was unfortunately missed several years ago. After an unfortunate buckle bomb ended his career, the 57 year old Sting is in no condition to get back into a WWE ring.

John Cena is the other name that has been heavily batted around as the man to wrap up Undertaker's career in a legend vs legend matchup. Cena's shoulder injury reportedly kept the two from facing off at last year's Mania and caused the WWE to throw a Shane McMahon audible - a Shane McMahon off the top of the cage audible. Amazing to think that in 14 years, Cena and Taker have managed to avoid each other on the grandest stage of them all. It would be a shame not to give two of the company's biggest stars one truly meaningful match against each other before they hung up their boots.

If it's too soon to be making his Wrestlemania plans known, maybe The Undertaker will be returning to call out LeBron James, who stiffed him during the Cavs home opener. Don't ever leave a deadman hanging, LeBron. Not cool.

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What do you hope to see from The Undertaker's Smackdown return?