The Rock Says Ricochet Can Usher in a New Era of Wrestling

Trevor Mann, better known a Ricochet, may prove to be one of WWE's most electrifying acquisitions of the NXT era. And if you don't believe us, just take The Rock's word for it.

Despite being one of the busiest humans in sports and entertainment, The Rock keeps a keen eye on what's going on within WWE. And right now, one of the most topical names you can bring up is Ricochet.

"He's the man! Love the stuff King is doing and will no doubt be the leader in ushering in a new era of our wrestling business. Future champ," wrote Rocky.

If The Rock gives you love on social media, everything in your life becomes secondary to your reciprocating tweet. This is a principal Ricochet did not ignore.

"Thanks man, that truly means the world.

And besides, gotta give a shout out to the most Electrifying Move in sports entertainment! #PeoplesElbow #PeoplesMoonsault," replied Richochet.

Ricochet made his official introduction to the WWE Universe at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans the night before WrestleMania. In an insane ladder match featuring Adam Cole, EC3, Velveteen Dream, Killian and Lars Sullivan, Ricochet flashed his jaw-dropping ability to defy gravity.

For now, expect Ricochet to stay in NXT for a large chunk of 2018, however, his WWE debut is imminent.


At 29 years old, Ricochet has plenty of juice left in his tank. Ricochet is immensely talented and owns one of the most unique and explosive arsenals in all of the professional wrestling. At 5'10" and just under 200 pounds, it's unlikely he'll be pinning Brock Lesnar, however, Finn Balor was the first Universal Champion.

While most of WWE's fanbase may be unfamiliar with Ricochet's ability, he's worth getting blindly excited for. There is the chance that he is absorbed by 205 Live, given his size. However, he may prove to be exceptional enough to transcend the "little guy" stigma that most certainly exists in WWE.