Watch: The Rock Shares an Unforgettable Hulk Hogan Memory

Since 1996, The Rock has captured the adoration of generations of WWE fans. But Rocky was once a fan himself, and in the same way we love him, he loved Hulk Hogan. However, unlike most of us, young Rock had a personal experience with Hogan he still cherishes today.

The Rock recently sat down on the set of Jumanji with film critic Kevin McCarthy who presented the people's champ with his ticket stub from 1996's original Jumanji movie. To reciprocate the nostalgia, Rocky told a spellbinding story about a childhood interaction with the Immortal Hulk Hogan.

Picturing the glassy-eyed heartbreak 12-year old Rock experienced as he handed back his prize bandanna is nearly too much. However, his act of selflessness paid off as not only Hogan signed and returned the merchandise, but gave Rocky a priceless story to boot.

The Rock tweeted his appreciation for his moment with McCarthy and his memory with Hogan. No stranger to social media, The Hulkster graciously replied.


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