The Hardys Celebrate the Pending Death of Impact/GFW

Earlier today, we reported that Anthem is actively looking to sell Impact/GFW. Despite a fresh start this summer the Nashville based wrestling promotion appears to be doomed. The potential auction of the company has some WWE implications, but may be more directly involved than the Hardy Brothers.

Since joining WWE at WrestleMania 33, the Hardys have been actively teasing the arrival of their 'Broken' characters. The only thing stopping them from bringing them to life in WWE was legal permission from GFW. This stalemate has quickly the most documented non-wrestling story of the summer but it now may have graciously come to an end.

With GFW looking quite dead, the Hardys may be able to buy back the rights to their 'Broken' proper for pennies on the dollar, if WWE doesn't do it for them.

In their beef with GFW, the Hardy, specifically Matt's wife, Reby, have been actively trashing Jeff Jarrett and GFW. Now that Jarrett is out and GFW is sinking, the Hardy clan is ready to pop bottles:

Whether or not it's in proper karma to put your enemy's head on a stick is another debate, but the Hardy's are enjoying their catharsis while they can. This does take them one step closer to bringing their Broken selves to WWE, but nothing is guaranteed. The sale of and facilitation of GFW property could take months. And while WWE may have the biggest wallet, they may not be interested in acquiring the cursed promotion.

WWE is not the lone suitor of IMPACT/GFW. Ring of Honor is also rumored to be interested in scooping up the broken promotion. This would inherently make ROH the stand-alone #2 wrestling promotion in the United States.


The third possibility is Billy Corgan. The Smashing Pumpkins front man nice one at stake in TNA and recently purchased the rights to "Nation Wrestling Alliance." Consider Corgan the official wild card.

There is a multitude of direction this scenario can go, but it seems certain that Impact/GFW is going down. Dysfunction continues to plague this promotion and Anthem may be desperately seeking to cut bait. It's a shame because Impact/GFW does have talent and does play a role in the wrestling ecosystem. This story is likely just beginning. We'll keep you posted as learn more.