WWE Rumor: Stone Cold to Induct Kid Rock into WWE Hall of Fame

WrestleMania 34's festivities officially begin at Friday's Hall of Fame ceremony. Every inductee and their inductor has been announced, except for Kid Rock and his emissary. However, the rock star may be attached to the most beloved name in WWE history.

WrestleVotes a twitter account with an ear behind WWE's curtain, claims that Stone Cold Steve Austin is the favorite to induct Kid Rock Friday evening.

Austin will be in town anyway; he's confirmed for April 8th's Wrestlecon for an autograph signing. However, we may have to wait for his proverbial glass to crash on Friday night to confirm his part in Kid Rock's induction.

The Texas Rattlesnake missed WrestleMania 33, a fact that lent itself to speculation that he and WWE were on poor terms. However, Austin personally killed those rumors during an episode of his podcast.

"Going back to WrestleMania, WWE reached out to me and invited me down to WrestleMania 33. They know I love going to the Hall of Fame and I had some of my very close friends going in on this year's induction. But as it goes I was having to drive down there, fly down there to get all my stuff, drive back after just selling the place, getting all our stuff. Man, I was too busy. I told the person that invited me to go down there, I said 'hey, man, I sure appreciate the invitation but I've got so many things...' ... I was, frankly, too busy taking care of all my personal business and some professional business that I'm working on as well to make it down to WrestleMania 33," he said.


Austin did make a triumphant appearance at WrestleMania 32 that saw him deliver his iconic Stunner to both Rusev and Xavier Woods. However, don't expect any Stunner at the 2018 Hall of Fame, but the smashing of beer cans is a safe guarantee.