'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Berates Interviewer at RAW 25 in Classic Fashion

We're greedy when it comes to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Even though the Texas Rattlesnake graced us not just with his presence at RAW 25, but with three Stunners to the McMahons, we couldn't help but wish we got to hear him debase a poor soul on the microphone. Well, it turns out that Austin did that too, we just had to wait for it.

In a backstage segment with Mike Rome, Stone Cold discussed his assault on Vince and Shane McMahon. Things seemed to be going well until Austin reminded himself he wasn't cantankerous enough. So, he decided to take it out on Rome, and hammered him into to ground with patented Stone Cold dialogue.

"Do you know who you're talking to? My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin. I actually drew money. I was the World Heavyweight Champion. I won three Royal Rumbles. And you bring me all the way out here to the east coast, to Brooklyn, you got one sorry ass question for me. You're a chump. You need to go back to your house and do your homework, because next time Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up I want a proper interview," asserted Austin.

Let's hope that Rome shows up for work today. However, he could look at his verbal undressing as a WWE right of passage. It can be argued that Stone Cold made careers by trashing them on camera, so consider yourself lucky, Rome!

At 53-years old, Austin looked to be in radiant health, arguably looking the best he has out of all his recent WWE cameos. Even more, he hit three stunners! However, before we start concocting scenarios where Austin comes back for one more match, let's put a bullet it in. Austin has been firm in saying that he is retired from in-ring action.


Of course, we want more Austin, but that's exactly the point. However, RAW 25 gave us footage that filled our Stone Cold meter to the brim. Thanks, you piece of trash!

[H/T StillRealToUs]