SmackDown Star Leaves WWE Tour Over the Weekend

It's been under two months since a couple of WWE stars left a tour outside of the United States with little warning. AJ Styles was called to a RAW PPV due to Roman Reigns' illness and Kevin Owens left the tour for undisclosed personal reasons.

WWE is once again touring south of the border, over the weekend in Peru and Mexico. And once again, someone left the tour for undisclosed reasons.

This time, Luke Harper of the Bludgeon Brothers was forced to leave the tour according to PWInsider. He tagged with partner Erick Rowan at the show in Lima, Peru on Thursday night, but reportedly left the tour before the shows in Mexico City and Merida, Mexico over the weekend. Rowan ended up tagging with Mojo Rawley to take on Zack Ryder and Tye Dillinger at the events.

Whatever the case is with Harper leaving the tour, hopefully it is nothing too serious. The repackaging of he and Rowan as the Bludgeon Brothers has been a breath of fresh air on WWE SmackDown. With the tag team division growing stale due to lack of depth and challengers, it's been good to see the duo making their way through the ranks in preparation for a title feud down the line.


Not to mention the fact that they have arguably the best ring-gear and entrance in the company these days.

(Photo: WWE)

The SmackDown brand is in Monterrey, Mexico for a show on Sunday before returning to the States for SmackDown in San Diego on Tuesday night. According to the latest reports, Harper is expected to be at TV in San Diego, so the reason for his removal from the tour is likely not injury related.