Jinder Mahal's Historical Run as WWE Champion Continues at Hell in a Cell

Jinder Mahal is still your WWE Champion.

After a notably short match, the Modern Day Maharajah pinned Shinksuke Nakamura in the middle of the ring; even more, he actually did it by himself. While the Singh Brothers did provide their expected distractions, they were ejected by the referee well before the match ended.

However, even in their exit, they affected the outcome of the match. While they were getting tossed, Shinsuke hit Mahal with the Kinshasa and had the WWE Champion exactly where he needed. But the referee was late to the count giving Mahal just enough time to think to grab the rope.

The match would end soon after when Mahal hit the Khallas.

For Mahal, this marks WWE yet again re-asserting their firm stance behind him. His run as WWE Champion has already proven to be historical as his lengthy reign has eclipsed some of the bigger names in WWE history. Mahal is working just fine as WWE Champion and it's clear that Vince McMahon and Co. have little reason to change his status. From this vantage point, it looks like John Cena may be looming on the horizon.

The Detroit crowd adored Shinsuke. While the King of Strong Style is popular across the board, some of his novelty has worn off, so it was nice to see him so warmly received. However, these losses are beginning to bruise his status.

It's hard to guess if WWE if simply high on Mahal or low on Nakamura but it's likely that this feud is nearing its end. WWE has booked their story in a classic manner, (have Mahal cheat as much as possible) but the crowd still isn't quite there with Nakamura yet.


Mahal very well may be holding the WWE champion to WrestleMania 34 as it seems that there is not imminent challenger on the docket. The WWE Championship has taken quite the back seat in Mahal's run, but that may is not his fault. With a program like Kevin Ownes vs. Shane McMahon, everything else on Tuesday nights becomes secondary.