Shane McMahon Heavily Invested in Legal Marijuana Company

Shane McMahon has never been risk-averse. During his earlier years in WWE, Shane-O-Mac endeared himself to fans by taking some of the more gruesome tumbles wrestling allows. Since returning in 2016, Shane's resumed his role as WWE's risk taker; in and out of the ring.

A story from the New York Daily News reports that Shane invested a whopping $500,000 into Connecticut based company EnviroGrow. The business produces pre-fabricated modules for growing marijuana and sells them in states where pot is recreationally and medically legal.

Not only did Shane sink some cash into EnviroGrow but he also assumed some sort or marketing role.

While Shane's use of his money is legally sound, it does create a potentially precarious situation. Marijuana is still federally illegal. And Shane, mother, Linda McMahon is an employee f the federal government. President Trump appointed Linda to head the Administration of Small Business. While Trump has been non-committal on marijuana, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions maintains a firm stance against it once infamously stating “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

You can make your own mind on how to feel about Shane's venture capitalism, but he himself may actually regret it. Per the NYDN's story, Shane is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with EnviroGrow. Shane alleged that the company had lied to him about the state of their business which drew McMahon to their Fort Collins, CO headquarters. Upon the visit, Shane found the manufacturing plant to be virtually nonexistent. Things were bad enough that Shane demanded EnviroGrow's founder, Joseph Palmieri, return his investment.


Palmieri has refused and denied all of this and thus the lawsuit.

Aside from Shane McMahon possibly losing a good chunk of money, don't expect too much more fallout from the situation. There may be a conclusion to the lawsuit eventually but it will likely never involve Linda McMahon, Jeff Sessions or anyone else from the federal government.