Seth Rollins Teases "Big Announcement" on ESPN SportsCenter

According to WWE’s official Twitter Account, Seth Rollins will appear as a guest on ESPN Sports [...]

According to WWE's official Twitter Account, Seth Rollins will appear as a guest on ESPN Sports Center this Monday, and he has a "big announcement" in store for viewers. The segment will air live at 10:30 a.m. EST on the ESPN network, when "the Architect" can be expected to utilize WWE's association with ESPN to get his message across to a wider audience outside the WWE universe.

While official sources have provided no clue as to the nature of this mystery announcement, a recent report on Wrestling Inc. speculated that it might have to do with the cover of WWE 2K18. It has been rumoured that Rollins will grace the cover of this year's game, which is expected to hit PS4 and XBox One this October.

According to, there could be two different versions of WWE 2K18, with inclusion on other platforms. Austrian retail outlet Libro triggered speculation after they listed WWE 2K18 as available on Nintendo Switch. The last pro wrestling game released on a Nintendo platform was WWE 13 on the Wii.

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Brock Lesnar graced the cover of last year's WWE 2K installment for the first time since 2003. The game's marketing and storyline centered heavily around Goldberg as The Beast's main opponent, preceding the WCW legend's actual return to the WWE in October and a feud between the two that stretched from Survivor Series to WrestleMania.

WWE is currently also promoting Roman Reigns making a big SummerSlam announcement on Monday Night Raw next week, so it makes sense that his former Shield team-mate would go elsewhere to gain a different audience, especially if Rollins' announcement has less to do with storyline or future matches.

With Roman teasing that fans may not like what he has to announce on Monday, it will be interesting to see if Seth Rollins instead goes for the cross-over appeal he was getting several years ago as a face of the WWE brand with appearances on network TV shows like The Daily Show.

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