WWE Fan Goes Too Far with Creepy Sasha Banks Auction

Traditionally, fans can get weird. Wrestling fans are not exempt this rule and an open auction of eBay proves that Sasha Banks may have the creepiest supporters in WWE.

Apparently, on a September episode of RAW, Sasha Banks lost a little hair. Somehow, the stray magenta strands wound up on eBay. And if you're feeling a little bizarre, you can have them for under $40, provided you're not outbid, of course.

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From the seller's description:

“This auction is for the Sasha Banks 2 hair strands only, does not include signed t-shirt these hair pieces were found embedded in.

This auction includes two strands of purple hair from WWE superstar Sasha Banks. I found these strands weaved into the Connors cure t-shirt I purchased on WWE auction. I pulled them out and placed in a bag. These are from the 9/18/17 Raw episode when Sasha comes out to block Alexa Bliss from leaving the match against Nia Jacks.

This auction is for the hair strands only, not the signed ring worn t-shirt.

I promise all pieces were pulled from shirt after inspection upon opening. I assure the strands belonged to Sasha Banks on raw 9/18 when she worn this shirt which can be proven by watching or viewing the authenticity of the ring worn t-shirt by WWE.”

The internet continues to outdo itself. Next week, be on the watch for Braun Strowman boogers or maybe a vial of Brock Lesnar's sweat.


Perhaps no female Superstar has more fans than Banks, but clearly, that is a double-edged sword. Banks already spoke out against overzealous fans stalking her at airports and hotels and the auctioning of her hair marks another data point on an odd trend.

For fans out there, you don't need actual parts of a wrestler. You'll be fine by settling for a t-shirt, or maybe even a photo provide you're polite. Normal folks don't collect hair, no matter how purple it is.