Sasha Banks Expresses Her Frustrations With WWE Booking

Sasha Banks is a curious case in WWE. On one hand, she's a 4-time RAW Women's Champion who is unquestionably one of the most talented Superstars in WWE. Then, on the other hand, her title reigns last weeks, sometimes days, allowing her to slip out of the main event picture. Even though WWE goes out of their way to keep her relevant, they also seem hesitant to get fully behind her.

Banks addressed this conundrum on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. The Boss began by comparing the creative process in NXT to WWE:

"We kind of always knew where we were going, so it helped me prepare and think about it ahead of time about how can I make this better. But when I go to RAW, it's legit like I have no clue what I am doing so I don't even know what to prepare for. I get handed something and told something and am like 'okay, I have one hour to get... okay let's just do it.' Honestly, I wish we had the opportunity to know what we are doing in the next three months."

The Boss would continue as she underlined the fluidity of being at RAW:

"'Oh, maybe you'll have a tag match maybe you'll have a promo. maybe you'll have this random match that doesn't make any sense,' or who knows, maybe you'll just sit in catering, who knows."

Even further, Banks explains that this is typical within WWE, not just the women's division:

"None of them [WWE Superstars] know what's going on when you see Monday Night RAW, we're all surprised and sometimes were confused and sometimes they don't even follow through with a storyline."

Banks would continue with her honest look behind-the-scenes after Roberts asked if her short Championship reigns affected her confidence. She admitted that they did:

"I don't know if it was something with me or they just want to keep on flipping flopping, I don't know!"

Banks is rightfully frustrated. After Charlotte left RAW, it seemed that Banks would make Monday nights hers. However, the rise of Alexa Bliss has forced a market share. Even further, it looks like Banks will once again be taking a back seat in the main event. For now, it looks like Nia Jax will be pursuing the RAW Women's championship. While WWE reserves the right to insert Sasha into a Triple Threat scenario, it seems unlikely.


The Boss will one day be a dominant champion in WWE, but for now, it sounds like she'll have to hang in there.