WWE's Samoa Joe Returning Tonight at RAW?

After missing two months of action, it looks like Samoa Joe is finally coming back.

A report from PWInsider asserts that the 38-year old grappler is in Baltimore, MD for tonight's episode of RAW. However, WWE's plans for Joe are still a mystery. The easiest guess has him getting involved in the Survivor Series picture as none of RAW's team has been announced.

Joe suffered a knee injury shortly after SummerSlam and has yet to be seen since. In an interview with Sky Sports, Joe detailed his recovery process and revealed that he's undergone not one, but two surgeries this September.

"The recovery's going really well but I've only been able to perform at about 80 percent capacity since joining NXT," said Joe.

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Joe's admission to working a little banged up comes as a surprise, but now that he's out he decided to fix multiple issues in the name of efficiency.

"Back then I had no chance to take time off because of the WWE opportunity before I was just treating the knee problem with ice and elevation at home. Now it's the best I've ever felt, it really is," said Joe. "I also needed nasal surgery as I've broken my nose about eight times in my career so I was only breathing at around 60 percent. You have no idea how invigorating it is now," he claimed.

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Since being folded into WWE's upper-mid card after WrestleMania, Joe has arguably been RAW's MVP. After a feud with Brock Lesnar that surpassed the highest of expectations, Samoa Joe became a player in WWE. So much so, it was said that Paul Heyman was lobbying for Joe to leave SummerSlam as the Universal Champion.

That obviously didn't happen, but needless to say, Joe is being taken seriously in WWE. Look for him to start his comeback with an impressive performance at Survivor Series as part of Team Red.