WWE Reportedly Planning to Pair Ronda Rousey With Paul Heyman

For the past fifteen years, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar have been WWE's most diabolic power couple. However, WWE is reportedly planning to make them a triumvirate; by adding Ronda Rousey.

Slice Wrestling, a Twitter account with a hot hand of revealing WWE spoilers, reports that Heyman not only will play an instrumental part in Rousey's WWE growth but very well could become her on-screen "Advocate."

Paul Heyman is looked upon as the closest thing WWE has to a secret weapon. It's hard to imagine the success CM Punk, Big Show, and Rob Van Dam without the boisterous fairy dust of the Heyman behind them. However, his work with Lesnar is what he'll be most remembered for in WWE.

Unless he and Rousey become iconic.

While this is a rumor, it's one of those speculative notions that just feels imminent. With Rousey, WWE has a priceless opportunity. WWE has had cross-over stars before like Ken Shamrock, Mark Henry, Kurt Angle and of course Lesnar, but none of them ventured to WWE with the amount of pop culture clout that Rousey possesses. If WWE can find a way to bottle Rousey's UFC success with a rich WWE character, they will unlock a new realm of profits.

This is a big deal. While Rousey's arrival has been met with a few dubious reactions, don't believe it; WWE nabbing her is nothing short of a coup. And by pairing her with Paul Heyman, WWE if officially shooting for the stars.

In his time with WWE, Heyman has yet to work with the women's division, so unleashing him in that world could be a lot of fun to watch. Even more, by Heyman joining the women's ranks, that means that all female Superstars, not just Rousey will benefit from his main event presence.


In 2018, WWE rumors come on go with reckless regularity, but we really hope this one is true.