John Cena Gets the Best of Roman Reigns...Again

John Cena continued his verbal rampage on Roman Reigns tonight on RAW, giving him a decisive 3-1 lead (once on Twitter) on the Big Dog when it comes insult duels. However, there may not be much of a need for another debate, because of tonight, Roman Reigns was effectively assassinated.

After Reigns defeated Jason Jordan in a highly entertaining match to open RAW, Cena waltzed down the ring. The 16-time WWE was nearly obnoxiously confident as he sized up Reigns. But then again, why wouldn't he be? Reigns is clearly an inferior talker and Cena looks to be having fun as he relentlessly blasts Roman.

And for the kill shot?


One would have guessed that Roman Reigns' failed drug test of 2016 may have been off limits for Cena. As Reigns is the future face of WWE, that's just not the type of press that WWE would like to remind the world of. However, as fun as it is to imagine that Cena went off script to bury Reigns, odds are he got the green light from WWE officials to shoot that missile.

In these talkative tussles, John Cena has flaunted his ability to handle a microphone. It's almost like he's set out to remind Reigns, the WWE Universe and maybe even himself that he's one of the best to ever cut a promo in WWE.

In fact, Nikki Bella thinks that her fiance is the best talker of all time.In an interview with The Mirror, Nikki sang the praises of her future husband saying that John Cena stands alone in the history books as the best promo of all time:


"I think John is absolutely the best talent there has ever been on the mic. I don't think anyone comes close to him. He just brings this reality to it every time he is on the mic and you are just like 'how am I going to hang in here with him?' He is so quick. I think that is what has made him an amazing actor, especially with comedy, his improv is unreal. He knows how to interact with a live crowd and however a live crowd is feeling, he knows how to turn a crowd. To me, I just watch him and I am in awe. I think it's time for him and Roman to be in that ring and to say what they have said, I loved it. "

They were bold words when she said them, but everytime Cena wrecks Reigns on live TV, Bella's opinion may be becoming fact.