Peer of Rockin' Rebel Says Murder-Suicide Was Foreseeable

On June 1, Chuck Williams a professional wrestler who worked as the "Rockin' Rebel" shot and killed his wife before taking his own life. And according to a peer within the wrestling industry, Williams has repeatedly shown they he was capable of such a horrible act.

WWE legend X-Pac received a note from a wrestler who shared time with Williams in ECW. X-Pac read the anecdote on his show, 1,2,360 Podcast.

"An ECW original sent me this, 'He wasn't a good guy at all. Stephanie lived in fear for her life all the time. Chuck did time in jail in the 90's for holding her hostage in a closet with a gun to her head. His family talked into not pressing charges. She would try to leave him and he would always threaten to kill himself. The one time she tried to leave he called her at her moms'. He said he was going to kill himself, he lit a firecracker to make her think he shot himself. Just mental torture type shit. He was a bully and a piece of s—.' It seems like a lot of people failed this poor woman and now there are two ten-year-old kids that don't have a mom and it's so f—ing sad"

The sickening history between Williams and his wife, Stephanie makes last week's news all the more tragic.

A neighbor of the Williams family told the ABC 6 in Philadelphia that the couple rarely spent time outside of the house and police had been summoned on several occasions.

"There were always problems over there. The police were there a lot," the neighbor said."

Stephanie's brother, Chad, set up a GoFundMe to help pay for his sisters funeral. Here's and excerpt from the page:

"She was loved by so many and the outpouring of love, prayers and support has been an overwhelmingly welcomed feeling. Her family considered her the firstborn leader, the glue, the best friend heart of gold, the crafty one, the brain, and most importantly the best mother those children could ever have," the family wrote.


Together, our family will do our best to give them all the love, security, and peaceful life imaginable. In the name of our sister and daughter, we will continue to love, care and support [for her children], always and forever," the family stated. "We want to keep her legacy alive by learning as much as we can through friends and family. In time, as a family, we will be starting a foundation in Stephanie's honor. She will always be remembered; we will make sure of that! #EndDomesticViolence."

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