Roman Reigns Gets Flung Into an Ambulance to Open RAW

Now this is how to open RAW, WWE.

Roman Reigns opened RAW to mostly boos. Once he got in the ring, a "We Want Strowman chant started. He smugly asked the crowd to give him time to talk and they politely obliged.

He admitted he fell to Samoa Joe's Coquina Clutch last week but gave no credit to Braun Strowman for attacking him while he was unable to defend himself (for Joe had put him to sleep). Reigns mentioned Stowman's Ambulance Match challenge at Great Balls of Fire.

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Reigns eagerly accepted.

As soon as he agreed, the sound of sirens filled the arena. Sure enough here comes the abundance. The catch? It was empty. Just as Reigns threw open the doors the crowd boomed the sigh of Braun Strowman.

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Sttowman flung Reigns several yards onto RAW's ramp, Roman fought back but to no avail. In a wonderful display of violence, Stroman swung Reigns off of the ramps into the side of the ambulance. Not sure which was louder, the crowd's glee or Roman's body thudding off of the metal. Strowman scooped up Reing's corpse and tossed him into the awaiting ambulance.


And away Reigns went.

This was a great way to start RAW. Something tells me that this is far from over. Reigns will have his revenge but may have to wait until next week. Stay tuned, folks.