Poor RAW 25 Show has Manhattan Center Ready to Riot

Not long ago, attending RAW's 25th Anniversary at the Manhattan Center was the hottest ticket in professional wrestling. However, it may prove to be the most refunded ticket in recent memory.

Multiple reports from Twitter indicate that the Manhattan Center's audience has turned sour on RAW's 25th Anniversary. They may have a good reason, too. Outside of an odd Undertaker promo and a forgettable match between Bray Wyatt and Woken Matt Hardy, WWE has totally ignored their old venue. To put it simply, RAW has been on for over 2 hours, and less than 10 minutes have been at the Manhattan Center.

While there have been other matches, the experience does not look like it was worth the price of admission. Even though RAW still has nearly an hour left, the disgruntled fans at the intimate venue have already begun to reject the show. Using sarcastic, non-PG chants, it looks like the Manhattan Center is ready to explode.


The Miz just arrive at appeased the crowd, but unless he goes one on one with Shawn Michaels that damage may be irreparable.