Paul Heyman Says The Usos Could Be the 'Best Tag Team of All Time'

It's no secret that current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos have catapulted themselves to new highs as WWE Superstars. However, according to Paul Heyman, the pair of Samoan brothers may be on pace to become the greatest tag team of all time.

In an interview with NBC Sports, Heyman first applauded The Usos for finding a way to bring a renaissance to their career.

"The Usos are a great example, a GREAT example. The Usos were always frustrated because they always felt that they could be the defining tag team of this generation. They didn't just want to put on good matches, they didn't just want to have a catchy entrance tune, they didn't want to just look good on pay-per-view and on television, the Usos wanted the opportunity to be the defining tag team of this generation," he said.

Heyman went on to commend The Usos for taking creative risks with their new characters. Even more, Heyman thinks that this gamble will not only pay off but launch the twins into the rarest of heights.

"They tried all of these different ways to get to that level until finally they just came out of the box with their promos and their promos now are so innovative, so progressive, so ahead of everyone else's that they are now truly in my opinion now have an argument to say, they are not only the best tag team in WWE right now, but certainly of the last decade and could certainly wind up being the best tag team of all time," said Heyman.


Given their pedigree and quick rise from mid-carders to WWE priorities, we'd be foolish to doubt the Usos and Heyman's proclamation. The argument could be made that no one in WWE has a better 2017 than the Usos. Their rivalry with The New Day leads to some of the best and most brutal matches of the year.

They're now in their third reign as SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and look to be on course for their first ever WrestleMania match. While they've always been in attendance, but they've never had a match to themselves. But that trend will officially end on April 8th where WWE's best tag team will finally get their WrestleMania moment.