WWE Women's Number 1 Contender Match Set for RAW Next Week

Next week, Nia Jax will square off against Sasha Banks for the right to go to SummerSlam.

Jax won the 2nd women's triple threat match tonight on RAW after delivering a monstrous leg drop to Dana Brooke. Nia was booked and performed like the superior talent. Next week's number 1 contender match is the biggest contest of her career.

What are the chances we see Jax vs Alexa Bliss at Summerslam? At first glance, the chances seem small. However, WWE did already once skip over Banks in favor of the luke-warm Bayley. Perhaps WWE is trying hold off on sure to be dynamite feud between Banks and Bliss.

It's been well documented that Banks and Bliss do not care for one another backstage and WWE wouldn't hesitate to exploit that tension. It all depends on how WWE wants the women's division wants to look for the rest of 2017.

Nia Jax is en route to becoming championship material. Since she's been protected from the microphone we can't really speculate how good or bad of a talk she actually is. However, her gimmick is one that doesn't need too many words. That said, it seems unlikely she beats Banks next week and if she does, it would an even slimmer chance that she beats Bliss. But one day, Nia Jax will be Women's Champion.

Banks vs. Bliss could be all time good. Their physicality along with their heat backstage makes them an easy comparison to Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. It's a lofty analogy, but these girls are capable of putting on a blockbuster at SummerSlam. The only concern is that WWE will not be able to give them the requisite amount of time to put on a classic. Then again, Summerslam may be 6 hours so surely room can be spared for a seminal women's wrestling match.

Not matter what, Summerslams situation has been improved by the injury of Bayley. While this may sound harsh, she just wasn't the right girl for the spot. In her time away, she needs to devote herself to getting healthy and finding a tweak to her characters. The lovable hugger from NXT simply is not working in WWE.


Enough negativity! Next week should be a blast. Let's hope that WWE gives them the main event slot.