SmackDown Superstar Had His Crotch Searched and Seized During RAW Invasion

When Shane McMahon declared that RAW was #UnderSiege on Monday, we knew there was going to be casualties. In the chaos that ensued, punches were thrown, hair was pulled, and genitals were grabbed.

In the scrum, you may have missed that last one, but a keen eye from Twitter caught SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya and Zack Ryder in the middle of some friendly fire.

Seeing that Natalya is married to Tyson Kidd, we can assume this was accidental, but it sure looks like Ryder is happy to be the victim. Then again, Nattie is looking awfully protective in this image. With her head on a swivel looking for more foes from RAW, she needed to make sure Ryder was paying attention. Maybe Ryder was trying to break from the Team Blue pack and this was the only way Nattie could stop him. Maybe Nattie thought there was a shorter person behind her and got a handful of man junk instead of the firm belly of a female Superstar. It could be anything.

Regardless, this is hilarious.


With so much commotion, who knows what else was going on during the full-scale riot. However, with RAW's violent retort pending, we'll all be on the looking for more instances of crotch grabbing, nipple twisting, and butt smacking.

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