Wrestling Legend Has High Praise for Mojo Rawley

Heading in to tonight's Clash of Champions event, one of the best built storylines may very well be on the pre-show. Former Hype Bros partners Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley are going head to head before Clash of Champions officially goes on the air.

But if you aren't ready for this match, just give the latest promo from Mojo Rawley a look and you may be looking forward to a pre-show match for the first time in a very long time. Even better yet, Rawley's promo was produced on his own accord by only the use of his personal cell phone.

Rawley drew praise from many in the industry for his work, including from former wrestler and noted trainer Lance Storm.


The Hype Bros originally formed as a team during 2015 in NXT. They brought their team to the WWE main roster in 2016. Ryder has proved his worth as a singles star in year's past during the heyday of Z! True Long Island Story, so it will be interesting to watch if Rawley can follow suit and become a star on his own as well. Clash of Champions should be a pretty good start.