Migos Writes Song Dedicated To Scotty Too Hotty

Wrestling is pop culture. Pop culture is wrestling.

The latest proof lies in the most recent released by hip hop group, Migos. Known for their hit #1 single Bad & Boujee, the trio released a new song dedicated to former WWE star, Scotty 2 Hotty.

Usually, we wrestling fans tend to believe everything is about wrestling even when it's not, but to avoid any confusion, Migos even used a picture of Scott on their "To Hotty" Soundcloud page.

Scotty Too Hotty was a member of the team, "Too Cool," whose gimmick were awful wannabe hip hop aficionados, who delivered raps at their opponents while parodying aspects of the hip hop culture.

At the time, no one had less real hip hop credibility than Scotty Too Hotty and his partner, Too Sexy Brian Christopher, but perhaps they were so bad that they have become ironically cool in retrospect.

The chorus to "To Hotty"repeats the former WWE star's name as the hook.

"Scotty 2 Hotty
Done put the lil’ b*tch on the molly, she f***ed everybody “2 Hotty”
Shawty’s somebody, lil’ n***as gon’ call them about it, don’t know nun’ about it “about it”
Scotty 2 Hotty"

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At no point in the song do they even mention the worm, so how much of a tribute is this, really?

Migos also once wrote a song titled "People's Elbow" as a tribute to The Rock.