Lavar Ball Gets Weird on Miz TV

Sports fans have been claiming that LaVar Ball and his chaotic personality were well suited for professional wrestling. Tonight, we actually got to see what that looked like. Joined by his sons, LA Laker Lonzo Ball, and ultimate cruiserweight Lamelo, Lavar Ball got the WWE spotlight we all suggested for him.

Some things should just stay ideas.

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The Ball trio appeared on Miz TV for a strikingly weird segment. Lavar did some of his patented jabbering which popped the crowd a few times, but things really picked up when the Miz go confrontational.

Once the Miz removed his RAW nightgown, Lavar removed his BBB shirt. Thankfully Dean Ambrose’s music hit to shift our attention.

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Dean Ambrose tried to cut a promo about the free BBB shirt he was wearing, but he was a little distracted by the squawking, flailing, half naked Lavar Ball. Miz TV needed there, setting up a 6-man tag featuring the Miz with his newly formed Entourage and Ambrose with Heath Slater and Rhyno.

For those that don’t know, Lavar Ball is the outspoken father of Los Angeles Lakers’ highly touted draft pick, Lonzo Ball. During Lonzo’s final year at UCLA, his father's media blitzkrieg quickly established himself as the best interview in all of sports.


Lavar’s animated appearances have earned him a polarizing reputation, and that may be putting it nicely. Regardless, the man is comfortable in front of the camera and it didn’t take long for people to fantasize about placing his diatribes on WWE television.

Negativity aside props to the Ball family for making a visit. Maybe they'll sell an extra t-shirt or 2. At the very least, WWE's segment will be on every sports dedicated show in the country tomorrow.