Humbling Post Match Moment Between Shinsuke Nakamura and John Cena

Somehow, last night's match between John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura lied up to it's near otherworldly expectations. Shinsuke's big win put him in Summerslam's WWE Championship match and came within an inch of putting John Cena in the hospital.

In matches' closing moments, Nakamura hit Cena with his patented Exploder Suplex. Typically the opponent does a full rotation and lands cleanly on their belly. But Cena didn't quite make it and landed on the back of his head. Anyone who saw it cringed.

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Cena was clearly dazed as the referee kneeled to check to see if the 16x Champion could continue. He was able to shake it off just in time for Shinsuke to land the Kinsasha for the win. Nakamura's finishing maneuver is usually pretty violent, but last night, it was laid in tenderly by the King of Strong Style. That's because Nakamura knew he may have injured Cena.

Keen eyes caught this moment after the match:

A humbled Shinsuke clearly says "I'm sorry," to which Joh Cena says "Dont' be sorry!" It may take a couple view, but it's there.

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There have been no reports on Cena's condition, so the unofficial diagnosis it that he had his bell rung. The fact that he finished the match and walked out of the ring on his own accord is something we can all be thankful for.


For Nakamura, the rocket has officially been strapped to his back. A clean win over John Cena in a great match may have just given him the magic fairy dust. He'll face Jinderr Mahal at SummerSlam for the WWE Champion. The Brooklyn crowd will likely adore him.

For Cena, the future is less clear. While it's been confirmed by serval sources that Cena is heading for RAW the day after SummerSlam, he still has a few weeks left of Smackdown roster. THat said, the FAce of WWE needs someone to fight at SummerSlam. Early rumors have him squaring off against the Lone Wold, Baron Corbin.