Photos Surface of John Cena Mingling Around Town

John Cena is one of the most recognizable faces on planet earth. So when he hits the bars in Tampa, FL, people are going to notice—and take selfies.

The recently single Cena obliged several fans who asked to pose with the 16-time WWE Champion. Naturally, these moments made to the internet.

While the above pictures are bound to start a forest fire of rumors, this one is worthy of a chuckle.

We couldn't help but notice Cena's stubble, something unprecedented for most wrestling fans. While Cena has many reputations, being utterly hairless may be his most impressive calling card.

Beofre we let these photos create their own narrative, it sounds like Cena and Nikki Bella's break-up isn't as definitive as orginallybelived. Infact, Bella may also be "spending nights" at ex John Cena's house, a source told Us Weekly.

"Nikki hasn't moved out of John's apartment, even though she very much wanted to after the wedding was called off," the source said, adding that Cena "doesn't want her to have to deal with moving after everything they have been through as a couple."

Even more, an insider told People that it's likely Nikki and Cena will get back together.

"John has constantly been in touch with Nikki," the source said. "They will almost definitely get back together.

"They're definitely on a path to reconciliation," the insider added. "John is the love of her life, and she's definitely the love of his life, and that doesn't just vanish overnight. At the end of the day, they still want to be together."

John Cena and Nikki Bella's break-up has been theatrical, to say the least. However, as fans mourn the death of true love, there's a growing congregation that says this is nothing more than WWE's latest magic trick.

WWE's former First Couple have used social media, interviews, and even the Greatest Royal Rumble to broadcast their raw emotion. This wave of publicity has monopolized headlines in recent weeks as seemingly the entire world has an opinion on their split

And that may have been the plan all along.

The timing of their break up is worthy of closer examination. Originally, Season 3 of Total Bellas was supposed to culminate around Cena and Bella's wedding, but now, it hinges upon their split. This rapid overhaul of tone has converted apathetic viewers into desperate followers. An according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, that could be by design.

"They were together before the whole Total Divas began and then they had to ask John if he would do the show. He always did it because he said it was good for her and good for the company. But announcing that they had broken up just a few weeks before Total Bellas debuts — certainly, that's a lot of free publicity leading into the new season. With WWE in the middle of doing television negotiations, so let's show NBC Universal how worthwhile our reality show are for them — and their ratings have been down compared to previous seasons," he said.

Accusing WWE Superstars of melodrama is the same as indicting Santa Claus for breaking and entering on Christmas Eve. However, could this actually be true?

Well, Johnson's notion television rights are noteworthy. WWE's deal with NBC Universal expires in the summer of 2019. But WWE may be looking to take its business elsewhere as a plethora of rumors has implicated FOX as WWE most vehement suitor.


However, there's way more to WWE than chokeslams, with Total Bellas and Total Divas just being one of Vince McMahon's tentacles. If WWE can show that, in this case, Total Bellas is a demonstrable asset, that gives them more leverage at the negotiating table.

Without looking at any numbers, we can safely assume that this season of Total Bellas will have its best viewership yet.