Jim Ross Chimes in on Money in the Bank Controversy

Jim Ross routinely comments on WWE happenings on his blog, JRsBarBQ.com. In his most recent edition, JR chipped on the hot topic today in WWE; the Women's Money on the Bank match.

"James Ellsworth winning the MITB match for Carmella was controversial, to say the least and one can likely expect that matter to be followed up on significantly on Tuesday's SmackDown Live. Ellsworth could have a trip to the woodshed in his immediate future by a bevy of hostile ladies."

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It seems like James Ellsworth will be the first order of business on tonight's episode of SmackDown Live. Daniel Bryan will make his prodigal return and has already made public his disdain for Ellsworth's action. If nothing else, he may be penciled in to get a good thrashing from the entire SmackDown Women's division.

The more time that passes, it's becoming clear that WWE intended on garnering this outrage. Although a man winning the first women's MITB match is surely contentious, it may have been the plan all along. Ellsworth is getting nuclear heat for his actions and everyone with a Twitter account can't resist commenting on the situation. So yes, he may have denied a wonderful moment for the women's revolution, but it looks like that's the point.


For JR, his mature take on the subject may have extinguished some of the flames, but tonight's Daniel Bryan segment is still a must watch. JR is likely keeping a very close on WWE programming. On a temporary contract, JR has the ability to pick which matches he'll show up to commentate. Rumors have Ross calling the Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar Universal Title match at Great Balls of Fire. Perhaps this SmackDown's women's angle can develop further and entice Ross to call a championship match down the road.

Up Next: 5 Things We Learned From Money in the Bank