Jim Ross Knows Exactly How to Get CM Punk Back in WWE

Ever since CM Punk made his abrupt exit from WWE in 2014, wrestling fans have spent too much time crafting the perfect scenario in which Punk would have no choice but to return. While it's a fun exercise in creativity, our plots pale in comparison to the authority behind WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross' plan to get Punk back in WWE.

Ross joined the Sam Robert's Wrestling Podcast and discussed a number of intriguing topics, but like the rest of WWE fanatics, our ears piqued when he began talking CM Punk and WWE's reconciliation.

"I would try to figure out a way if there's one more run in CM Punk. And 'one more run' to me means this: a WrestleMania, not 10, not two, not three, a WrestleMania. Start with let's build to the right build and the crescendo is WrestleMania. And the only other way I'd do him has him return at WrestleMania and not be on television. Sign, train, vignettes, vignettes, little angle, boom. His first match is WrestleMania. Yeah, that way there's no pressure on anybody," explained Ross.

To Ross, Punk's fiery departure from the company was reminiscent of Shawn Michael's grievance back in the mid-1990's. Back then it was Ross' duty to coax Michaels back into the WWE ring, and if it were up to him, he'd make a similar pitch to Punk today.

"...I talked to him about coming back and I said, 'many people, including myself, consider you [Michaels] one of the top one or two performers, in-ring performers, of all time, of all time. Unfortunately, there's going to be a whole generation that doesn't know you for that. They know you for the guy who lost his smile and the guy that hurt his back and had to take a four-year break," Ross once told Michaels.

The point Ross would like to make to Punk is that while he had a nice career, time is turning all of his accomplishments into echoes. So, to cement his WWE legacy, Punk can use a comeback not just to appease his die-hard fans but to impress generations of new ones/

I'm just suggesting that that's not the image, legacy, you want to leave. You have too [many] good things going on. And if nothing else, I'd like you to come back and have one match if you can. If not, let's figure out a role for you. We would like for you to be able to share what to do, what not to do, and help these young guys who look up to you as their favorite.' So I thought we'd get him back for one more match and he had several! And all of them were badass," remembered Ross.


Despite thousands of fans clamoring for his return, CM Punk has given little indication that he'll be back in WWE. while history certainly favors a patch up between he and WWE, the 39-year old appears to be set on continuing his MMA career.

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