Watch: Jeff Hardy's Daughter Lands Cutest RKO of All Time

The RKO is one of the most potent finishers in WWE history. However, depending on who employs it, Randy Orton's pending move can look adorable

Ruby Hardy, Jeff Hardy's 7-year old daughter, just revealed that not only is she a Randy Orton fan, but a WWE Superstar in training. In one of the better uses of the internet we'll see all week Hardy's wife uploaded the delightful, yet destructive footage.

We're willing to bet Ruby has as Swanton Bomb in her arsenal too, however she's still a little young to do it off a ladder like her father.


The Hardy Family has had a lovely WWE renaissance dating back to their thunderous return at WrestleMania 33. Now that Jeff is back from shoulder surgery, WWE quickly put him on a high trajectory by strapping him with the US Championship. Hardy defeated his daughter's third, maybe second favorite wrestler in Randy Orton at the May 6 Backlash pay-per-view and looks to be long-term keeper for the mid-card title. As good as the Hardy brothers are as a team, Jeff is arguably the better attraction a solo star.

That's no slight to brother Matt who has demonstrated his uncanny ability to reinvent himself. His latest character, WOken Matt Hardy currently shares the RAW Tag Team Championships with Bray Waytt. Their alliance came after Hardy defeated Bay in an n Ulitmate Deletion match and sent him the waters of the Lake of Reincarnation. Needless to say, things have been eccentric.