Jason Jordan Injury More Serious Than Original Diagnosis

When Jason Jordan did next to nothing at the Royal Rumble, it fit the cowardly fabric of his [...]

When Jason Jordan did next to nothing at the Royal Rumble, it fit the cowardly fabric of his character. However, Jordan's lack of involvement may have been more than plot - WWE was protecting a serious injury.

Jordan has been out of action for several weeks now, with his role being diminished to a non-wrestling antagonist. Originally it was believed that he was battling an acute back injury, but things have taken a step in a worrisome direction.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Jordan is dealing with a neck injury. Even more, Jordan is apparently struggling with grip strength, which tends to be an ominous sign.

Original plans had Jordan competing in the 6-man Elimination Chamber match later this month, but now that may be in question.

Earlier this week, a story implied that WWE took the RAW Tag Team Championships from Jordan and Rollins due to the former's injury. That, combined with the news that this is a neck issue casts a dark cloud over Jordan's current health.

We're working with secondary information on this story, but things feel a lot more serious than they did just a few days ago. Here's to hoping WWE is simply taking conservative measure to make sure he's healthy for WrestleMania.

With ties to every level of WWE's card, Jordan's loss is not to be understated. In the Miz's December absence, Jordan assumed the role as RAW's top heel, garnering more cheers for cash cows like Rollins and Reigns while fans were busy hating him. Even more, Jordan's attachment to Angle has supplied a compelling subplot for RAW viewers as WWE continued to teas tension.

But with Jordan out, WWE loses a decent chunk of it's Monday night show. Let's hope this is a minimal setback and Jordan can make a full recovery.