James Ellsworth Reportedly Booked for Money in the Bank Return

Last year, the world turned on James Ellsworth and WWE after the chinless Superstar became the [...]

Last year, the world turned on James Ellsworth and WWE after the chinless Superstar became the first ever Women's Money in the Bank winner. And because all reactions are good reactions, he may be at this year's show, too.

PWInsider reports that Ellsworth is scheduled to be at this Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Even more, the report asserts that WWE has been actively drumming up creative direction for his return.

WWE released Ellsworth in November of 2017 after his pairing with Carmella had run its course. However, Carmella is now SmackDown Women's Champion and an Ellsworth cameo at the show he defiled just a year ago makes plenty of sense.

Last year saw Ellsworth troll the female sex by snatching the MITB on behalf of Carmella. WWE decision to have a man become the first person to win a women's ladder match was met with immediate and vehement resistance. Two nights later, WWE announced a re-do, where Carmella would climb the ladder herself to win the briefcase.

Ellsworth training of history sparked a debate within the wrestling world. While many WWE insiders said that Ellsworth's victory was designed to irritate fans, other claimed that it sent hypocritical messages considering WWE was in the middle of a movement dedicated to the empowerment of women.

The outrage subsided after WWE's corrective move, but the stench still lingers. And because angry fans make for vocal ones, the choice to bring back Ellsworth needs little justification.

If he does indeed show up on Sunday, he'll probably get cheered. While we spent most of 2017, booing Ellsworth, he's still more of a sympathetic character. Clearly, he was someone that few envisioned working in WWE, that Chinderella story is one that many fans will remember. WWE releasing him already kicked up some good will for 33-year old, and his discussion about his exit during an appearance on Talk is Jericho will warm many cold hearts.

"He's like, 'Hey, I've got some news for you' and as soon as he said that, my heart dropped and I'm like, 'Is it what I think it is?' When he says that… And I like Mark. He was great to me while I was there and that [has] got to be a hard job... and it's just like, 'They've decided to let you go for now,'" he said.

And I'm like, 'Huh? Well, why?' And he's just like, 'I think they felt like it ran its course.' And to me, I'm like, 'Well..' and I start spitting out ideas. I'm like, 'Well, can't I go to 205 Live? And like, [Carmella] still has the [Money In The Bank] briefcase!'" recalled Ellsworth."