Is Cody Rhodes Headed To Ring Of Honor?

(Photo: WWE)

With his departure from WWE one week ago, Cody Rhodes could be looking for other promotions to make an impact on, but has he hinted at where he's already headed?

On his recently renamed Twitter handle, formerly WWEStardust now simply, CodyRhodes, Cody tweeted out a picture of a checklist of names that belong to the major independent promotion Ring of Honor. Take a look.

Some of the names like Angle and "The Miracle" are referring to current TNA wrestlers Kurt Angle (who is set to leave the company over the summer) and "The Miracle" Mike Bennett, who is one of TNA's top rising stars in the company.


This could be a to-do list of sort of people Cody wants to wrestle, but with the list belonging to primarily ROH stars, one can only assume where he's headed next. The date of 8/19 is close to where Cody's 90-day no compete clause is ending, so this should make for an interesting summer of anticipating his next move.