IHOP Manager Hits Piledriver After Fight Breaks Out

WWE often posts a warning on its shows to not try moves at home. But when confronted with an outraged customer at a Tennessee IHOP, one man decided to ignore that warning.

A video of IHOP manager fighting back against a group of customers hit the Internet this week. Midway through the fight the manager, Mohammad Al Hourani, broke out a piledriver wrestling move on one of the attackers and followed up by throwing chairs at another in a scene that looked straight out of a WWE match.

The fight took place at a Memphis IHOP on March 15, and began when Al Hourani asked a group of customers to quiet down, only for them to get louder and angrier. Al Hourani eventually asked the patrons to leave, but one member of the group kept coming back into the building and "taunting [the manager]" according to the police report.

Witnesses say Al Hourani eventually called the police, which caused the fight to break out.

The video shows one man putting Al Hourani in a headlock while others began to throw chairs, glassware and plates towards the two. Al Hourani can then be seen standing up and locking in one of the attackers into a piledriver as one of the women in the group screamed "No!" over and over.

Al Hourani began swinging and throwing chairs at the group before they decided to leave.

The police report indicates Al Hourani had several cuts on his face that were bleeding so badly he had to be rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

"My face was covered with blood," Al Hourani said in an interview with the local Fox affiliate. "I couldn't even open my eyes."


He needed 16 stitches on his face and four staples on the back of his head due to injuries.

Malachi Okelly, the man in the video seen attacking Al Hourani, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with aggrivated assault. Despite his injuries, Al Hourani has reportedly returned to work. Owners of the IHOP told FOX they plan to beef up security late at night as a result of the attack.