Sheamus And Cesaro Defeat The Hardy Boyz At Extreme Rules

Sheamus and Cesaro are now two time RAW Tag Team Champions. The Swiss Superman and Celtic Warrior were able to outdo Team Extreme inside the steel cage to regain Raw's top tag team prize.

The Tag Team Cage Match stipulation made it where both teammates needed to leave the cage before they could be awarded the victory. Jeff Hardy managed to be the first to escape but it left Matt in a 1 v 2 position against Sheamus and Cesaro. They began to double team Matt until Jeff climbed back to the top and hit a Whisper in The Wind reminiscent of 2003. The two teams then both made a race for the exit, but Sheamus and Cesaro made it over the cage before Matt could drag Jeff through the door.

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Cesaro and Sheamus were the unlikely duo who finally ended the New Day's historic run as WWE Champions. The two seemed poised to win their second Raw Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania, but the Hardy's unexpected return to the company caught the entire division by surprise.

The Hardys left Impact Wrestling behind to return home at the absolute perfect time, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships on their first night back. Since winning the 'Mania ladder match, The Hardy's had yet to lose a match. Team Extreme's hot streak prompted Sheamus and Cesaro to ditch their good sportsmanship and make a full heel turn.

After the former champs couldn't defeat The Hardys at Payback, they tuned into their more brutal natures and have pushed Matt and Jeff to the limits ever since.

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Will the Hardy's Championship loss help springboard the "Broken" characters we've been waiting for since their return?