Finn Balor Responds to Vince McMahon's Rumored Criticism

On several occasions this week, word has gotten out that Vince McMahon allegedly is not a huge fan of Finn Balor's. Multiple reports claim the WWE boss believes that Balor "isn't over enough" to be in the main event spotlight and without his layers of Demon paint is simply a bland character. Well, apparently these headlines have gotten back to Finn.

In light of the swirling negativity, Balor took to Twitter to acknowledge the growing sentiment that Vince has gone sour on him. Balor has become a master of sorts of subtle tweeting and his response to this news is no exception.

While this is hardly an act of violent protest, Finn is at least showing us that he is aware of the situation. Even though Balor is certainly trolling, we're not sure who his target actually is. It's possible this passive aggressive retort is directed at his boss, but Balor could be mocking the wrestling media for reading too much into a story. It's basically impossible to know from our vantage, but it's not hard to imagine Balor being a little resentful towards WWE decision makers.

After being forced to vacate the Universal Championship in the Summer of 2016, we (Balor included) believed that he would get another shot at the Big Red Belt pon his return from injury. Well, that hasn't happened and the closest he's been to the Universal Championship was a number one contender's match at Extreme Rules.

Ever since, Balor has been on a perpetual slide down WWE's card. He now finds himself planted in WWE's mid-card as he and fellow journey Samoa Joe are currently embroiled in a program that will do neither of them any favors. While it may seem that Balor's career is going in an irreversible direction, he still has an enviable position in WWE. He and his fans would admit that he's had a disenchanting run in WWE so far, but with his Demon gimmick, Balor always has a shortcut to relevancy. In short, hang in there Balor fans.