The Fashion Files Get Paranormal in X-Files Parody

The Fashion Police believe the Truth is Out There, as Breezango take a page from The X-Files this week in pursuit of answers in the unfolding mystery of who keeps trashing their office.

Of course this meant Tyler Breeze in a red wig as the Scully to his partner's "Muldango," getting the line of the night in his skeptic opinion that "there's no ghosts, there's no aliens... we just need to believe in a little thing called... Sky-ence"

Visual easter eggs and deep references have become a tradition on The Fashion Files, and if you look closely at their evidence board you'll see posters reading "I Want to Bo-Lieve" and "R Truth is Out There" as well as pictures of The Boogeyman and the classic shot of Big Foot captioned "George the Animal Steele???"

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But those weren't the only cultural references in this installment, which also parodied the "What's in the Box?" ending from Se7en, as well as a classic scene from The Godfather with the reveal that it was the severed head of Fandango's plush stick horse "Tully" from last week's Walker Texas Ranger spoof.

Sadly, this short and especially pointless episode of the SmackDown Live standout segments felt like a huge waste of potential. The X-Files has only grown in popularity and cultural relevance over the past 20 years. Look no further than all the shows it inspired, from Supernatural to True Detective— or the fact that the show was revived for a limited series just over a year ago.

Hopefully this was just the beginning of Breezango's dealings with the paranormal, as much of this week's vignette was used to tease and promote Sunday's Battleground pay-per-view.

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Even if we get a "To Be Continued" resolution to this case of Ghosts, Aliens, and Ghost Aliens, it's likely the vignettes will cover new ground in future installments. Could our boys Breeze and Deputy 'Dango be headed to the even stranger town of Twin Peaks next?

Or given the temporary nature of WWE tag teams these days (no matter how beloved) could we see them broken apart in a brutally violent betrayal, ala Training Day?


While the latter scenario seems unlikely, one things for sure: King Kong Ain't Got Stitch on the garment gumshoes, and the Truth of who their attackers are is Out There, even if it's "Not H." I'd bet we get some major clues this Sunday at Battleground.