Enzo Amore Steals Back His Cruiserweight Championship at WWE TLC

Enzo Amore is once again your WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

After using some nefarious tactics that would make Ric Flair proud, Enzo hit his Jordanzo to pin to Kalisto to become Cruiserweight Champion for the 2nd time.

Enzo's success in WWE comes in the face of unrelenting scrutiny. He's had his name openly slandered by a multitude of WWE Superstars and announcers, to the point that a narrative developed - WWE wants Enzo Amore out. Rumors surfaced that Amore had been kicked off buses, removed from locker rooms, and had essentially become the resident pariah in WWE's family. However, according to WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, this notion that Enzo Amore was being punished is a laughable concept.

"How would you go to that much trouble to bust somebody's balls?" questioned, Ross. "And then you didn't want them over and then all of a sudden they might actually get over because the exposure that you're providing them in your punishment, are you kidding?"

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From a higher perspective, it seems like Enzo is in the middle of his version of the YES Movement. While it likely won't end in him tapping out Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, he's already established himself as one of WWE best characters. The question begs, how close is Enzo to becoming a sensational WWE attraction?

"Close. Closer than most people want to admit," reasoned Ross.


Good Ol JR would go one to divulge a full character analysis of the budding WWE Superstar:"Here's the deal, the kid takes a great ass whooping. He's a unique character. He's athletic. I know that to be a fact. But he's different. He's the kind of cat that you walk through the airport and you look over during his dance and you take another look. And there's something about that concept as far as old promoters and marketers and talent scouts and Hollywood and so forth are concerned that still matters. Head turners. Head-turners," concluded Ross.

Love him or hate him, Enzo is back on top of 205 Live and likey isn't going anywhere.