Watch: WWE's Elias Takes a Ruthless Shot at Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers Fans on RAW

Professional wrestling is a bizarre institution. Unlike the most businesses where catering to the customer is a top priority, in wrestling, it actually pays to insult their patrons.

WWE Superstar Elias exploited this principal on Monday's episode of RAW that aired from Green Bay, Wisconsin. During his deadpanned guitar song and dance, Elias collected his boos with ease.

"That's a pretty strong response," remarked Elias.

With the Green Bay crowd in the palm of his hand, the moment was ripe to crush them.

"But then again, anything is strong compared to Aaron Rodger's collarbone."

Just as Elias planned, the 10,000 Packers' fans in attendance were sent into an inconsolable frenzy. Here's the footage:

For those that don't follow the NFL, Aaron Rodgers is the star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers or at least, he used to be. 2 weeks ago, Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone after taking an illegal hit from an opposing player. Rodgers is likely done for the year, as are the Packers' hope of contending for a Super Bowl.

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To make matters worse, a slew of Packers players were sitting front row for RAW last night. WWE didn't show their reaction, but at minimum, Elias got some sideways looks from the hometown heroes.

The Green Bay faithful did try to pick themselves up with a resounding" Go Pack, Go!" chant but the damage had been done as Elias smugly smiled at his most recent victims attempting to reassure one another. For Elias, it was just another day as a professional troll.

The tone-deaf guitar player is an up and coming Superstars in WWE. Last night was just the latest example of him outraging thousands of people. His ability to do so on such a routine basis makes Elias a valuable asset to Vince McMahon and Co. Perhaps WWE, or at least its bad guys neatly compares to the Pixar movie, Monsters Inc. Instead of creatures monetizing scares, heels in WWE are making money off of boos.


And Elias just made his case for Employee of the Month.

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