Could Dean Ambrose Be Back for WrestleMania 34?

The wrestling world was shocked to find out Dean Ambrose landed on the operating table less than 24-hours after looking healthy on Monday night RAW. When the story broke, it sounded like Ambrose would certainly be missing WrestleMania, but some hopeful news just surfaced.

PWInsider reported that Ambrose was released from the hospital after having surgery to repair a torn triceps tendon. Originally it was feared that Ambrose would be out between 4-6 months, but according to their story, the Lunatic Fringe could be back in WWE within 2-3 months.

Ambrose's timeline should still be considered tenuous, but it does sound reasonable to hold optimism towards Ambrose being ready for April 8th's WrestleMania 34.

However, Dean's unfortunate an untimely injury will likely effectively end this current version of the Shield. Having already persevered through Roman Reigns' October viral infection, losing Ambrose for multiple months is a casualty they will not be able to sustain. So sadly, expect WWE to move on from what's been a cursed Shield homecoming.

Even though Ambrose, WWE, and the Sheild are taking a hit by the injury, there may be a tantalizing opportunity on the horizon. Provided Ambrose can come back for WrestleMania, WWE can still execute the rumored plans for his heel turn.

Let's say Ambrose comes back a few RAW's before the New Orleans mega show; that's enough time for a storyline to develop, one that would hinge upon Ambrose turning on Seth Rollins. Like all wrestler's returning from injury, WWE's live audience will go nuts for Ambrose's prodigal arrival. However like when Rollins returned from his knee injury, WWE could rip the fans hearts out by having Ambrose comeback as a heel.


From there, the two brothers could have the blood feud that was planned all along and we'll forget about how disenchanting the Shield 2017.

In the meantime, here's to Ambrose making a full recovery!