Daniel Bryan Wants To Wrestle After His WWE Contract Expires

Can you imagine Daniel Bryan showing up on Impact Wrestling or returning to Ring Of Honor? While it seems far-fetched for the current SmackDown Live GM to ever jump ship, a recent interview with Bryan confirms that wrestling is still on the table for the former WWE World Champion.

Earlier this year rumors started swirling that, despite the diagnosis that forced him into early retirement, Bryan was still dying to get back in the ring.

With his WWE contract expiring in a year and a half, some even suggested that the YES! movement leader would consider taking his talents elsewhere if WWE refuses to clear him for competition.

In a WrestleMania weekend interview that surfaced with Inside The Ropes, Bryan revealed that he does want to wrestle again after his WWE contract expires.

"It all depends on how I feel my health is and how my wife feels my health is.

"If we feel like my health is good, I live to wrestle and I'm gonna go wrestle. If we think at that point that it's not good, then we'll see what happens."

As you can see in the video above, Bryan stated that he would only stick with the WWE if he didn't feel he was healthy enough to get in the ring somewhere else.

"Yeah, and that's - I understand why they won't let me wrestle. It's a liability thing and they're trying to protect me and that sort of thing.

"But there's good reason to believe that I should be able to wrestle and that sort of thing. So we'll see in a year and a half what happens."

Daniel Bryan's health is, of course, still, the most important concern and it's likely his thoughts on getting back in the ring could be very different now from how they are after he gets used to being a new dad.

Bryan was becoming one of the WWE's all-time greatest superstars when his career was cut short due to injury. Bryan famously retired in February of 2016 after WWE doctors would not clear him to get back in the ring.

What kind of "impact" would Bryan have on another wrestling company? Would he still be big enough of a star to push Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor or even Billy Corgan's new NWA to a level where they could threaten the global domination of the WWE?

For years, fans of the Monday Night Wars have been dying for the WWE to have competition that could push the business to new heights. While TNA has given it their best shot, they've never been viewed as much more than WWE-lite.

Imagine for a moment if Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, who may one day return to the ring, joined forces and aligned with another wrestling company. Would more underused WWE stars begin to follow them?

The possibility seems a bit unlikely, but stranger things have happened.



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