Dana Brooke Claims Gender Inequality Surrounding Elimination Chamber

The Sunday's Elimination Chamber will be host to several historical moments for WWE. However, despite new precedents being set, Dana Brooke thinks she's been marginalized.

For the first time, 6 female Superstars will compete in an Elimination Chamber match. In that same evening, the men's Elimination chamber will host 7 WWE Superstars, a departure from the customary 6. However, this discrepancy is the root of an official grievance issued by Dana Brooke.

From her perspective, expanding the women's Chamber match from 6 to 7 would likely get her a spot.

"HELLO! ACCORDING to 2 MY NUMBERS, the men have 7 superstars in their chamber; therefore I should be included! 7 WOMEN! Oh wait, the invisible woman again?, or just overlooking PURE TALENT!?" she posted to Instagram.

Dana Brooke Instagram

As Titus Worldwide's acting accountant, this is a gap that she instinctually caught. But does she have a point?

Eh, not exactly.

The reason the men's match was boosted from 6 to 7 was that WWE had to call an audible on the fly. Jason Jordan's neck injury started a chain reaction of events. With WrestleMania being so close, WWE had to align its brighter stars, and with that in mind, they chose to add both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor to the Chamber match. Their additions took the cast from 5 to a first-ever 7.

We admire Brooke's quest for equality. But the men's expanded Chamber roster is clearly an exception, not favoritism. Even more, I don't think we've seen Brooke wrestle on TV in 2018, something Finn Balor and Seth Rollins do routinely.


But that doesn't mean Brooke should stop banging her drum. If enough fans want her in the match, then she'll be there.

Photo: WWE