Charlotte Flair Opens Up About Real Life Rift With Sasha Banks

As members of the Four Horsewomen and matriarchs of the Women's Revolution, WWE would like you to think that Sasha Banks and Charlotte share an unbreakable bond. However, there may be tensions between the WWE Superstar that dates back to their days in NXT.

In her book, Second Nature, Charlotte details her rise through WWE's ranks. Naturally, Charlotte devoted plenty of pages to her time in NXT, but specifically her biggest accomplishment: Winning the NXT Women's Championship. In what turned out to be a career-making moment for Flair also served as a divisive moment for her relationship with Banks.

According to Flair, Banks missing out on the championship opportunity lead to resentment. The Boss would go on to make what Charlotte called "petty" attempts to strike back. Banks would use material in their promos that wasn't mentioned to Charlotte, like altering Charlotte's shirts and calling Ric Flair a "pathetic old man."

While Charlotte would go on to compliment Banks' ability to wrestle, there was no mention of them patching things up. On an appearance with 107.7 The Bone, Charlotte took time to clarify what she referred to in her book:

"Not being as popular as Sasha at the time. She's one of the greatest performers today. She will go down as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. I don't want to say that necessarily that Sasha was mad, but Sasha is that competitive," Charlotte explained.

Charlotte would try to explain Sasha's perspective during the testy time.

"That's why she brings out the best in me and I bring out the best in her is because she wants to be the best and I want to be the best. At that time if I was to put myself in Sasha's shoes: she had just come off Brooklyn against Bayley. One of the greatest matches. She probably in her mind thought "why isn't the title going to me?" I can't blame her for that. I just think it was hard for me knowing that I wish people could be more understanding that I needed the title to make me, and she didn't," said Charlotte.

Sasha has yet to say a word on the matter, but Flair seems like she's coming from an honest place. Banks' hyper-competitive nature is beginning to paint her as WWE's mean girl. Her and Alexa Bliss have legitimate heat between one another and that may stem from Banks actually being the antagonist. Banks recently made news about shunning overzealous fans and dismissing the impact of Ronda Rousey in WWE.

Keep Living the gimmick, Sasha.



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