Brock Lesnar And Samoa Joe Come To Blows

WWE's balls may not be on fire yet, but they are certainly heating up!

Tonight, The Beast, Brock Lesnar, kicked off RAW with his advocate Paul Heyman. Heyman said he was there to 'unleash the beast' and that it was Samoa Joe's day of reckoning. Paul said Joe's actions had become a problem for the WWE but Brock Lesnar was the greatest problem solver in WWE history. Heyman went on to call Joe a mutt and a dog and not worthy of his Samoan heritage which finally brought Joe to the ring.

Lesnar and Joe then squared off in the middle of the ring with Joe getting the first strike with a headbutt. The two monsters then went toe to toe until Kurt Angle brought a group of officials to separate them. Joe and Lesnar easily dispatched the officials which brought out most of the midcard Raw roster to attempt to keep the men apart. Joe did manage to land a stiff kick to Lesnar which left him bloodied before the fracas came to a close.

The altercation was a simple and effective way to build up to their Universal Championship match at WWE's Great Balls of Fire pay per view on July 9th.

Samoa Joe won the Fatal Five Way to become the number one contender for Lesnar's Championship at Extreme Rules. In many ways Joe was the last person anyone expected to be in a position to face Lesnar, but his attack on Heyman last week and this week's brawl has certainly changed everyone's minds.

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Tonight's appearance was the first for Brock Lesnar since the Raw after WrestleMania where he showed up to basically let the WWE Universe know he'd be taking the Universal Championship hostage for a few months.


With nearly three hours left in RAW we wonder if this is the last we've seen of the Champion and challenger.

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