Bret Hart Has Strong Criticism for the Current WWE Roster

Bret Hart is one of those wrestling legends where when he says something, everybody listens.

Hart is indisputably one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. From a technical standpoint, there's perhaps never been someone so skilled in the ring. In that regard, he's someone who could tell a strong story while between the ropes, and that's an area that he sees lacking when it comes to the current WWE roster.

During an interview with TalkSPORT, Hart was critical of the roster's ability to stell a story in the ring and give the shows the drama they deserve.

“I think I was a better storyteller than any of the wrestlers they’ve got today. I watched WrestleMania this year and there’s no drama anymore. They do some amazing stuff, there are some incredible athletes, but people don’t know how to tell a story," Hart said.

Many legends of the ring have displayed similar emotions regarding the current product. There's no doubt that the style in wrestling has changed a lot since the 1980s and 1990s. It's a faster paced style across the board, and from Hart's comments, he's not a fan. Hart always spoke in the past about building up his matches like a slow building story, and that's something that isn't done as much these days. Leave that up to either the evolution of the business or adapting to fan's shorter attention spans.

Hart acknowledged the changing of style in his comments as he continued, even noting that the style may be shifting back to a more old school style that he is a fan of due to the U.K. division.

"Wrestling has it's flows, it will change again as people get tired of the 'phoney' wrestling," he said. "I watched my match with Davey Boy at Wembley with some journalists in a bar and they almost bought into it like it was real."

Clearly a fan of the U.K. division, Hart said, "The fact that fans reacted so strongly to those two British Wrestlers (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate) shows you it might be going back in the other direction."

Hart also discussed the WWE Hall of Fame and his frustrations with certain names not getting in as of yet, particularly his brother Owen Hart.


"Like a lot of people, if he’s (Owen) not in the WWE Hall of Fame, then what kind of Hall of Fame is it?" Hart said.

He continued, "I’m embarrassed on their part they can take so many great wrestlers and not include them in the Hall of Fame. I don’t have any problem with anyone who is in there, but I think Demolition should be in there, that Dynamite Kid should be in there, that Davey Boy should be in there. I’m embarrassed Owen isn’t in there. Owen was one of the most respected and admired in the business for his integrity alone. Why they won’t acknowledge him is beyond me?”