Bobby Roode Announces US Championship Open Challenge for Royal Rumble

With two Royal Rumbles to engross ourselves in, it's been easy to forget about the rest of the show. But Bobby Roode just gave us a reminder to pay attention.

The United States Champion revealed on Twitter that he will host an open challenge for his newly earned title. This open door match will take place on the Royal Rumble Kickoff Show.

Now that the challenge has been open, who can we expect to answer?

WWE would like you to believe that Dolph Ziggler is on a remote island sipping pina coladas and perfecting his tan, planning to never return to the company. However, we wrestling fans aren't so so easily played and we've had the sneaking suspicion that the Show Off will show up in WWE sooner or later. And now, we'd wager that it will be this Sunday.

Thanks to the ravenous market for inside information, WWE's plans for the US Championship were leaked a few weeks ago revealing that they're going to make a strong allusion to WrestleMania 10's dispute over the Intercontinental Championship. After Shawn Michaels "left" the company, Razor Ramon assumed the role at the Intercontinental prince. However, Michaels would return with the original belt, claiming that he was always the rightful champion. The subsequent dispute leads to arguably the greatest ladder match of all time.


WWE appears to be eyeing a similar if not identical set up with Ziggler and Roode. Like WrestleMania 10, this could be a star-making moment and would be an ideal launching point for someone like Roode. However, there's a chance that Ziggler monopolizes this feud as this entire angle has been constructed around his return. Regardless this will elevate the US Championship and the mid-card to levels it hasn't seen since John Cena revitalized the ranks in 2015.