Bobby Lashley Dominates Sami Zayn at Money in the Bank

A feud that has been mixed with really bad material and still entertaining performances from Sami Zayn came to a head on Sunday night at Money in the Bank.

Bobby Lashley and Zayn did battle at the Allstate Arena in Chicago to cap off a feud that has been filled with bizarre segments and possibly hurt Lashley's ability to be the main eventer that WWE intends for him to be. Lashley desperately needed a dominating performance at Money in the Bank to make up lost ground.

Did he get that? Yes, yes he did.

Zayn started off the contest running around the ringside area trying to evade Lashley, allowing him to get some cheap shots in and take the early advantage. When it seemed Lashley might make a comeback, his headband got in his way, which Zayn used to his advantage. Did Bobby take off said headband? Nope.

Eventually, Lashley caught Sami Zayn when he was coming off the ropes and was able to gain a brief advantage with some hard clotheslines and a big spinebuster.

Lashley gave Zayn a delayed vertical suplex with the announcers noting Zayn had claimed the same move gave him vertigo in the past. Lashley stood above his fallen opponent and lifted him up for a backbreaker followed by another delayed vertical suplex.

At this point, Lashley turned it up a notch as was evident from his facial reactions. Lashley looked down with no sympathy at Zayn who was begging for mercy and gave him another backbreaker and delayed vertical suplex.


After the third vertical suplex, Lashley knelt down to his knees and pinned Zayn with one hand on his chest for the victory.