Update: Big Cass Reportedly Not Injured at WWE Live Event

Fan footage of a WWE Live event in Amsterdam caught what looks to be like another serious injury for SmackDown's Big Cass.

No specifics are available at this time, but the video from Twitter's @xjhacking shows Cass battling a significant limp. Even more, like when he tore his ACL last summer, Cass seems to be outwardly frustrated.

Things take an alarming turn in the second clip where Cass leaves his match with the help of WWE staff.



It appears Cass' injury is not legitimate. Dave Meltzer confirmed a similar situation has been playing out all week. Cass was also said to have entered the match with a limp, so clearly, this is an angle WWE is working.

Big Cass, just like John Cena and Nikki Bella, has just reminded us that professional wrestling can be tricky.