WWE's Clues Point to a Possible Bayley Heel Turn

Sometimes in professional wrestling, there's nothing like a good heel turn to liven up a stale [...]

Sometimes in professional wrestling, there's nothing like a good heel turn to liven up a stale character.

Perhaps just that could be in the cards for one of the biggest stars in WWE NXT history. There's no denying that Bayley has struggled to find a place on the main roster since being called up. The character that was such a hit in front of 900 fans at Full Sail University just hasn't been able to translate and connect with a live audience of 15,000 and more.

In recent weeks, it has seemed as though Sasha Banks would be the female character most likely to turn heel on RAW. Not only does "The Boss" character lend itself far better to a heel portrayal, but Sasha has been hinting ever so subtly that a heel turn could be coming.

That's what makes WWE's upcoming card at Madison Square Garden so interesting. John Cena and Nikki Bella will be teaming in an intergender tag team bout against top RAW heel Elias and...Bayley. This will be Bella's first match since her surprise appearance during the Royal Rumble.

Now logically, it doesn't make much sense to put Bayley with Elias, but that's the card that has been advertised recently in New York. Dave Meltzer commented on this during a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio and noted the oddity of the match.

"So perhaps the Bayley [and] Sasha thing will be Bayley turning and not Sasha. Maybe, or they don't know what they are doing and they needed — I don't even know why. Why you would have Bayley team with Elias?" Meltzer said.

While this seems like far from an assurance that a heel turn is coming for Bayley, it is interesting to speculated= on. WWE has teased heel turns in the past many times, only to have the opposite partner be the one who actually turns, so this would follow that pattern if Bayley (and not Sasha) was the one to turn.

However, the MSG card could just WWE having fun with an untelevised live event too. A babyface Bayley teaming with a heel Elias could just be comedy, with Bayley trying to break through to the grumpy singer and trying to get him to "hug out" his problems.

We'll have to wait and see what WWE has planned here, though a heel turn could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to helping Bayley connect and finally live up to her potential on Monday Night RAW.